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SS-520-4 • TRICOM-1R

Second launch of SS-520-4 rocket in 2017 after first attempt in January 2017. SS-520-4 is fin stabilized rocket, version of SS-520 with third stage. It is utilizing spinning as method of stabilization; with length of 9.65 m (SS-520) and diameter of 520 mm it weighs over 2600 kg. Payload capacity is 140 kg. Rocket was launched…
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SS-520-4 • TRICOM-1

Modified sounding rocket with 3 kg Cubesat on atop - well it should not be surprising in era of nanotechnologies ! JAXA decided to use sounding rocket with added third stage to deliver to 180 km  x 1500 km and inclined at 31° orbit 3U CubeSat created by  University of Tokyo. It is spin stabilized…
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Flight of the new Japanese small solid fueled rocket without success

SS-520-4 sounding rocket failed to put into LEO orbit TRICOM-1 satellite during launch performed yesterday from Uchinoura Space Centre at 08:33 local time (23:33 UTC on Saturday). It was maiden flight of fourth configuration of SS-520 rocket - smallest launch vehicles in the world. SS-520-4 solid fueled rocket is railed launched light vehicle created as…
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