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Ariane 5 • ViaSat-2 & Eutelsat-172B

Arianespace will launch two communications satellites during VA237 mission. ViaSat-2 will provide broadband communication services including internet access for North, Central and northern South Americas. Eutelsat-172b will provide video broadcast and data network support for West Coast of the North America and Southeast Asia region, including internet access for passengers travelling across Pacific Ocean.
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Ariane 5 delivers to GTO orbit two communications satellites.

Arianespace delivered to orbit during VA237 mission two communications satellites from Guiana Space Center. During sixth flight in 2017 and third with Ariane 5 this year, Arianespace marked its another success and strengthened its image of the Company as one of the most reliable launch service providers in history. It is second launch delayed and…
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Three delayed missions by Arianespace already with new dates

After lasting for a month strikes in French Guiana, Arianespace suffered for delays in their launch schedule. Three missions planned for last weeks were postponed and Company was forced to launch them in May and June. Now we know precise dates of following three launches from Guiana Space Center. Five satellites in during three flights in…
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