Aircraft Evacuation Slide Market landscape and its growth prospects 2018-2028

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Aircraft Evacuation Slide Market: Introduction

The incidence of aircraft accidents has compelled manufacturers and authorities to make several new considerations related to the emergency response & safety of aircrafts. Of these, aircraft evacuation slides are among the most important safety systems. Evacuation slides are inflatable slides installed in all aircrafts that carry civil as well as military personnel. Aircraft evacuation slides are designed to facilitate the immediate evacuation of passengers from aircrafts during emergencies. Generally, the sill height of the aircraft door is more than 6 feet above the ground, owing to which passengers are likely to suffer from injuries during emergency evacuation. To avoid this, the installation of aircraft evacuation slides in all aircrafts is compulsory to enable quick and safe evacuation of on-board passengers. Aircraft evacuation slides are mainly of two types: aircraft evacuation slide and slide & raft. Aircraft evacuation slides are used for inland evacuation and the slide & raft arrangement is used during water landing as it can also be used as a life raft. Aircraft evacuation slides are single- as well as dual-lane depending upon the width of the exit of the aircraft as well as passenger capacity. This is because the dual lane is capable of evacuating more passengers at a time.

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The evacuation slide is installed within the door structures inside the slide bustle. During emergencies, time is an extremely crucial factor. Keeping this in mind, manufacturers are undertaking R&D activities to increase the efficiency of aircraft evacuation slides. In modern aircrafts, evacuation slides are fitted in such a way that at the time of emergency, they will automatically open when the door opens, thus saving time as well as saving more lives.

Aircraft Evacuation Slide Market: Dynamics

The growth of the aircraft evaluation slide market can be attributed to rising air traffic and subsequent procurement of new aircrafts. The number of air travel passengers is increasing day-by-day across the globe with an establishment of more than 700 routes for better connectivity. According to the International Air Transport Association, passenger traffic is growing by more than 6% every year. This has created new challenges for governments as well as aviation authorities to provide appropriate safety, infrastructure, technology and equipment to accommodate this growth and ensure that regulations and taxes will not act as restraining factors for market growth. This growth in passenger traffic is also expected to drive the market for aircraft evacuation slides. Other factors supporting the growth of the aircraft evacuation slide market include the increasing inclination of the general population towards air travel, growth in the disposable income of the working-class population as well as migration of people from rural areas to urban areas & abroad in search of employment. These factors have significantly increased the demand for air travel and this trend is expected to continue over the forecast period.

Also, the aviation industry has always been under the scanner of regulatory authorities and is required to adhere to various guidelines issued by them. These regulations have compelled manufacturers of aircraft evacuation slides to develop products that are compatible with the present regulatory environment. Aircraft evacuation slides are essential for passenger safety, owing to which the aircraft evacuation slide manufacturers are also focusing on increasing their efficiency and reducing the operational time of their inflation.

However, aircraft manufacturing requires a huge amount of investment, planning and lead time, which is likely to restrain the growth of the aircraft evacuation slide market, thus leading to delayed deliveries of the system as well as payments. The absence of a well-knit supply chain of the system is another factor hampering the growth of the market.

Aircraft Evacuation Slide Market: Segmentation

  • On the basis of type, the aircraft evacuation slide market can be segmented as: Aircraft evacuation slide Aircraft evacuation raft & slide
  • On the basis of the number of the lanes, the aircraft evacuation slide market can be segmented as: Single lane Double lane

Aircraft Evacuation Slide Market: Regional Outlook

North America, followed by Europe, holds a major share of the global aircraft evacuation market owing to the local presence of prominent aircraft manufacturers. Latin America is expected to exhibit significant growth in the aircraft evacuation slide market over the forecast period owing to the presence of smaller OEMs in this region. Moreover, the large installed base of aircrafts in this region is expected to drive the aftermarket of the aircraft evacuation slide market. In addition, government initiatives to increase manufacturing by the formation of attractive policies in countries such as China and India is expected to boost the aircraft evacuation slide manufacturing industry, which is expected to significantly contribute towards the growth of aircraft evacuation slide market during the forecast period. Moreover, rising air traffic across the globe will boost the manufacturing of aircrafts, which will, in turn, contribute towards the growth of aircraft evacuation slide market over the forecast period.

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Aircraft Evacuation Slide Market: Market Participants

Some of the market participants operating in the global aircraft evacuation slide market are:

  • Zodiac Aerospace
  • UTC Aerospace Systems
  • EAM Worldwide
  • Trelleborg AB
  • Switlik Parachute Company, Inc.
  • Cobham plc
  • Dart Aerospace Limited
  • The MEL Group