Almond Protein Market : Opportunities, Demand and Forecasts, 2019–2027

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Global Almond Protein Market: Snapshot

Almond protein powders have grown in popularity in the last few years on account of the rising demand for plant-based protein. Manufacturers have been tapping into the vast revenue potential of almond to offer concentrated sources of plant-based proteins and as substitutes for nondairy milk. Almond protein powders are used as blends for range of food products such as milkshakes and smoothies. Almonds have also opened new and exciting sensory profiles for meeting the needs of consumers preferring plant-based nutritional products. An array of health benefits of almond proteins have also helped in the growing popularity such as in cardiovascular health and in lowering the risk of certain cancers. Apart from the proliferating application in the food industry, almond protein finds promising demand in the cosmetics and personal care industries.

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Global Almond Protein Market: Key Growth Dynamics

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Range of product portfolios consisting of almond protein powders have gathered steam in consumers worldwide. Growing demand for plant-based snacks with good texture and unmasked flavor has been putting increasing emphasis in utilizing the potential of almonds. The trend is popular in people who are keen on adopting paleo diet.

Intensifying focus on consuming products that are plant-based as well as those with disease-prevention abilities has bolstered the prospective demand for almond protein formulations. In addition, the demand has also prospered owing to the growing preference of low-fat food ingredients. In developing regions, increasing emphasis on the intake of nutritious food products and snacks containing dietary fiber has also accentuated the prospects of the almond protein market.

In recent years, the almond protein market is seeing increasing promising potential in the cosmetics industry. A notable trend is the growing popularity of hydrolyzed sweet almond protein in cosmetic formulations that can be used as a moisturizing agent and in skin cleansing. Spate of skincare products containing almond protein has made way to emerging and developed markets.

Global Almond Protein Market: Notable Developments

Almond protein powder has expanded options for food manufacturers focusing on meeting the emerging consumer needs of plant-based proteins. The protein derived from almond has made a promising mark in health and wellness segment in developed countries.

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Advent of omni-channel specialty retailing in marketing of almond protein powders has seemingly opened a new frontier. A New Jersey-based omni-channel retailer and health and wellness company has in December 2018 announced that its website and stores have no retailed almond protein powders made by NOOSH. The foray of this plant-based product company in the almond protein market in the same year has been significant. NOOSH aims to meet the nutritional needs of consumers who don’t want protein for meeting some workout goals. According to the manufacturer, protein almond powders they have developed can be consumed safely by individuals with allergies of soy, corn, and peanut.

Such initiatives facilitate product availability in the almond protein market. Food brands are also unveiling unflavored almond protein powders bereft of preservatives.

Some of the companies eyeing substantial stakes in the global almond protein market are Marigot Ltd., HMHS Solutions Limited, BioFlora, LLC, Maxicrop USA, Inc., and InovoBiologic Inc.

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Global Almond Protein Market: Regional Assessment

On the regional front, the North America market has come to the fore garnering gains on account of massive production of almonds. In particular, the U.S. has been witnessing sizable demand for almond powders as plant-based protein to meet nutritional needs and fitness goals of consumers. Meanwhile, Asia Pacific is likely to emerge as potentially emerging market for almond proteins. A large part of recent potential of the regional market is attributed to the growing use of almond protein in organic cosmetics in developing economies of China and Japan. In both developing and developed regions, food brands are benefitting from increased trend of clean food labelling.

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