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Space Tourism: Most Interesting Psychological Research 

Anything related to Space generates a deep sense of awe among us. The elevated scientific moves of recent time have been constantly taking our flights of fancies to the highest possible rise. Space science, especially, has knit wonder and marvel together, proving the extreme brilliance of mankind. A recent piece of information regarding Space Tourism…
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A Spacecraft Crashed After Orbiting The Earth for 22 years

Space and every bit of it are magnificent. The aura of cosmos has attracted the humankind since the ages. Modern day science has streamed through evolution and has reached the zenith of progress. Today, nearly everything comes to our reach of control. Too many fancies have met the reality due to the progress of science.…
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Japan made space bot that can fabricate ‘Moon Valley’ 

In the year 2011, Kazuya Yoshiba's lab at Tohoku University in Japan began shaking. Things began to tumble from the roof. The bookshelves fell. Off the shoreline of the city of Sendai, the sea floor had burst, setting off a Bringing a size nine quake and tidal wave that immersed inland areas. Notwithstanding it, just…
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Small seeds pave the way for farming in space

As the rocket for the Orbital ATK lifts off a robotic Cygnus Cargo Spaceship to reach the International Space Station on Monday, it will also be lifting off seeds that could pave the way for farming in space in due course of time. Presently the timing of the liftoff is set for 4:39 am on…
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NASA’s mission to both Mars and the Moon – supportive of each other

According to a policy directive signed by the President of the United States, Donald Trump which required NASA to send astronauts to the moon, a draft was requested to be issued by the US commercial space industry to help NASA deliver the spacecraft to the moon. After NASA took this initiative, some may have thought…
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The US government to charge for best satellite data 

The United States of America government has said that there are plans to start charging for the access to fifty years of satellites images of Earth. This is as the people in the academy world and researchers have better tools that are required to be able to have them. Department of Interior has requested a…
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