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The robo-chefs

Considering the need of help, to perform monotonous and tedious jobs, humans have come a long way making machines and now robots. For cleaning and medical treatments, we have heard about the use of these mechanical hands, but can these be implemented in the food industry too? Yes, in China, yellow robots are being prepared…
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Proteins to become supramolecular complexes

Japan has been a pioneer regarding technology. Their scientific research and technology are acknowledged for their innovative approach and error-free working mechanism. They have now developed proteins that can self-assemble into supramolecular complexes. Proteins are found in biological organisms and are useful in different biotechnological applications. Proteins with a specific function can prove to be…
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Wind Searching for the future

KAUST researchers confirmed the efficiency for wind as a unique energy source across the Arabian Peninsula by using a high-resolution regional climate model. This is a vital strategy for Saudi Arabia energy sector in developing its first step.  The Marc Genton's research group with the collaboration of Norte Dame University in the United States turned…
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Catalyst Improved Carbon-dioxide to Methanol Process 

In the year 2018 July 12th University park PA has been made a dramatic change in the processing of carbon dioxide to greenhouse gas, and it is building an extensive range of everyday materials. Climatic change and atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations are increasing globally, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon source reacts with hydrogen and…
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Introducing Top Performance Nitride Semiconductor for Environment-friendly Photovoltaic

A research team at Tokyo Institute of Technology has discovered that copper nitride acts as P-type conductor and an n-type semiconductor, which using a significant nitriding technique applicable for computational search or mass production. This resolved electronic and microscopy analysis by using synchrotron radiation relevantly. These above P-type and n-type nitride semiconductors made up of…
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Motors are not required for future robots

To develop micro as well as a biomimetic robot, a lot of items are researched by the scientists. Such elements involve artificial muscles and medical devices, actuating materials that can invariably change their volume under various stimuli. These materials are utilized to mainly replace the age-old bulky and heavy actuators including motors and pneumatic actuators.…
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