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A Strong Possibility of Life on Cold and Distant Europa

A new line of discovery on Jupiter’s icy moon Europa has kindled hopes for extraterrestrial life. Twenty-one year old data from Galileo spacecraft of NASA has shown evidence of a plume of material coming from Europa’s surface. This result proves that old data from the dead spacecraft might hold the key of many secrets that…
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Life, materials, and Aliens in Earth and Space is there a connection? 

Individuals who search for the Aliens on Earth are in all probability thinking about the small green men and saucers that fly in the sky. Rather than this, they ought to take a look at limbs in the ocean. A current article claimed that octopuses and different cephalopods have their causes on the entirely unexpected…
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China launches satellite ahead of the Chang’e-4 moon mission

The launch of China’s lunar rover will happen soon. This mission is the first time a country is landing on the far side of the moon which is not visible from earth. China announced its ambition to embark on this mission in the year 2015. The country launched a relay satellite at the far side…
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TESS planet hunter flashes the first image

NASA’s one of the most ambitious projects is considered to be TESS or Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite. Recently on May 17, TESS completed a full lunar flyby. This successful completion took almost a month’s time after it had taken off on April 18 from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. It is believed…
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NASA asked for to think of plans for decreased ISS Crew 

An advisory group that advises NASA is worried about the deferrals in the thinking of the business team frameworks. It requests the organization to get the opportunity to take a look at the different ways where the agency gets the chance to take a look at the choices where the International Space is worked with…
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SpaceX launch of NASA and Iridium satellites delayed

Two critical NASA earth observation satellites have been postponed until May 22. These two satellites involve NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Follow-on (GRACE-FO) mission as well as five Iridium Next Commercial communication satellites which were all set to lift off from the ground on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on last Saturday (May 19).…
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The satellite will enhance the future to come

Kenya has been able to witness overtopping of bridges, roads getting impassable because of floods, parents finding it difficult to report to work and school getting closed due to various floods. This has had a very serious economic impact as a result of an increase in climate change. Many people usually depend on the predictable…
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SpaceX Plans to Reuse a Rocket within 24 Hours in 2019

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is doing big things in the space industry but according to the founder, these things are not even close to their future plans. The company debuted the new version of the Falcon 9 rocket this month. The new version called the Block 5 holds a lot of potential.  The Block 5 is…
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