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Tropical forest conservation unexpectedly shoulder on world’s most indigent Cost

Tropical forest conserving is one of the vital parts to combat climate change. This conversation gives ultimate benefits to all. However, some of the poorest people in the world majorly face the economic crisis. When local groups are stopped from harvesting the organic/natural resources in tropical forests, their economic chances are decreased. Several conservation communities…
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Scientists finding source of water on Mars

The surface of the Red Planet shows different signs that give a clear picture of the fluvial steam networks on Earth. IT is because of this reason, scientists have started believing the fact that once there must have been enough water on this planet which had resulted n the formation of such water streams that…
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Detailed processing could teach robots with manly tasks

For many people doing the household activities is a nightmare. It becomes an inseparable part of your life, and you feel pretty bored and helpless while doing such unproductive activities. Even if you do such household works, you do them with little importance. In such a situation how will you feel if a robot can…
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Spaceflight enters into an agreement with Virgin Orbit for Rideshare Mission

This day on 25th June, Spaceflight announced its agreement with Virgin Orbit on rideshare mission for future seeking its options to diversify in launching smallsats. The Seattle based company, Spaceflight in its announcement said that it has entered into an MOU (memorandum of understanding) with virgin Orbit on one of its LauncherOne – air launch…
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Air Force on its Space Programs

The Air Force Officials talked about their incessant emphasis on the space-related missions. The function of developing and sending the satellites into the orbit is going on at a rapid pace. As per Lt. Gen. Arnold Bunch Jr., who serve the office of assistant secretary of the Air Force as a military deputy for acquisition,…
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Satellite Confirms Something Distinct in the Air over India

Sentinel-5P satellite, a new European Satellite, launched last October to track air quality worldwide, reported something very distinctive about the quality of air over the Indian sub-continent and the surrounding countries in South Asia.  The elevated concentrations are of the presence of formaldehyde, the colorless gas, something that is released by vegetation naturally but also…
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Turn Your Smartphone into a Satellite Phone with this New Device

BivyStick, a two-way satellite communication device has been announced today by Bivy, an application that allows users to find, share and record activities like biking, hiking, climbing, skiing, paddling and more.  BivyStick has been devised to work with existing smartphones, that will offer all benefits of any GPS unit and a satellite-based two way communication…
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Tool tested for space navigation

A tool which has helped the sailors to travel miles in the ocean for many years will now be used inside the International Space Station. It is a device which will work as a navigation tool and help to gauge the potential emergencies taking place within the space. It will also be used for guiding…
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Soyuz, the Russian spacecraft was first invented in the Soviet Union. Back in the 1960s, Soviet Union started launching missions on it. Its first unmanned mission was sent on November 28, 1966. After the Soviet Union, Russia has been sending cosmonauts on space missions, and hence Soyuz became renowned for its space mission into the…
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