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Spain Bids for The Low-Cost Aerospace Race

CATEC halves spending on satellite and aircraft components by manufacturing them with 3D printers. The low-cost aerospace race is not exclusive to Space X, the company created by Elon Musk. Spain has also entered the game. The Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies (CATEC) has become a unique reference in the industry, manufacturing components for satellites,…
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Ethereum used by NASA for Research purposes

Known to be the second best currency in the world, Ethereum has phased a down during the past few months facing neglection when many of the currencies are having rise during the market crash. As soon as the market dip turn closure having occasional market drown falls, Ethereum started to recover back, slowly though trying…
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Thoughts of Regular People going to Space

SpaceX has successfully launched TESS this week. Now the company along with its longtime partner NASA is searching for the planets that are away from our solar system. It is a known fact that Elon Musk and his team are leaving no stones unturned to find out any signs of life beyond our solar system.…
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Hubble Rejoices Its 28th Anniversary with A Tour Through the Lagoon Nebula

NASA has released amazing photos of the Lagoon Nebula taken by the Hubble space telescope, in honor of its twenty-eighth birthday.  From capturing hidden galactic cannibalism and galaxies to spotting the most distant star in cosmos, the Hubble Space Telescope of NASA has guided scientists and astronomers keep a close eye on the distant stars…
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Spacecraft go and dies at Point Nemo

If you think as what happens to the human-made devices which are sent to the Earth’s orbit, then to your surprise some makes their way back, and some never return at all. Sputnik was the first human-made device sent to the orbit in the year 1957, and since then innumerable devices have been sent. Satellites…
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Delta IV Heavy is the New Powerful Launch Vehicle

Delta IV is an expandable rocket, which executes launch services for the United States government, for the most part – chiefly for satellites flown by the National Reconnaissance Office or the Department of Defense.  A distinguished exception was the 2014 test of the Orion Spacecraft aboard a Delta IV Heavy; the flight was made to…
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Astronaut Teaches the Significance of Space Program to Students

Air Force Col. Greg Johnson stood in front of the crowd at St. Francis de Sales High School on Friday and pointed out that those who are under 18 years old should be part of the space generation.  According to the Jonhson, for a person’s entire life, we have had people working and living continuously…
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How will NASA save the Earth?

When we tell about NASA, we think of space and Universe which is beyond our world. One of the main responsibilities of NASA is to collect images of people, in rockets or on the moons. NASA has four main science goals namely Planetary sciences, Heliophysics, Astrophysics and Earth Science. We must know that Earth day…
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Bitcoin Can Be Powered By A Debris-Dodging Spacecraft   

A debris-dodging spacecraft can empower the Bitcoin technology. Currently, the latest $330,000 NASA grant can be used to develop an autonomous spacecraft which can make more decisions without having any human intervention. Example of this is a spacecraft to dodge space debris at a distant moon or planet faster than a human on Earth.  According…
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