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Opportunity recovery efforts & its six reasons

Since 20th June opportunity of NASA rover has been silent while the planet-encircling dust storm cut off solar power for 15 years old rover. Currently, scientists think that global storm is decaying –that means more dust is falling out of the environment than raised back into it. Sky may clear soon because for the solar-powered…
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The Earth Is In Stake: We May Lose Our Home Planet

The blue planet has faced several transitory periods since its birth. In fact, it has been home to billions of creatures at each phase. Currently, our mother planet is at stake! The issue of global warming is not new to the mankind as the Earth is getting warmer at a rate of 0.17 C every…
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The historic stellar blast blew away by astronomers

Traveling to the moon is just 20 seconds, can you imagine this! This is how from 170 years old stellar eruption from fast material sped away from the eruptive, unstable and extremely massive Eta Carinae star. Astronomers finalized that this is the fastest jettisoned gas that is measured from an outburst of stellar and did…
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The SWEAP investigation is ready for its day in the sun

During the time from Kennedy space center, when parker solar probe of NASA launches, it will start its expedition to the nearest stars and the sun. The parker solar probe will enter through the outer atmosphere of the sun and travel 90 million miles to encounter a complex environment of intense solar radiation and heat.…
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The lithium battery’s black box: Complete looking inside 

Lithium metal batteries have excellent power for future generation energy storage because this metal has a negative electrode, which is 10 times more theoretical significant capacity than the graphite electrode used in commercial Li-ion batteries. It has the most negative electrode energy among materials for making correct negative electrode and lithium batteries.  Lithium is one…
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Unit standards new launch announced for Smallsats

During a small briefing at the small satellite conference in Logan, Utah Aerospace Corporation ( Aerospace) announced of a new satellite ( smallsat) called launch unit ( Launch-U).  This standard offers major advantages to the smallest industry manufacturers, satellite users, and launch providers by maximizing access to space and minimizing launch costs. It enables the…
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Quality of perovskite performance boost by researchers 

Solar cells require slimming down. Solar cells are absorbing photons from sunlight and transform their energy to move electrons. This enabling the production of clean energy and offering a dependable route to help protect change of climate. However, most of the solar cells used extensively today are very thick and stiff. These limit their application,…
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