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Four Billionaires taking the space industry by storm

Billionaires have so much money with them that they don’t know what to do with them. Bill Gates, for instance, fancies donating his wealth to charity as he feels that the poor and needy people mostly need his wealth. Warren Buffet, on the other hand, feels at ease while he is spending his money eating…
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Relay satellite launched by China

Picture provided by Innovative Solutions In Space Taking a step ahead for the mission to moon’s far side China has launched a relay satellite. This is one major accomplishment of China’s space agency as moon’s far side is one of the areas of experiment and research since a long time. This spacecraft will help to pave…
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The Launch of Orbital ATK’s Cargo Ship to Space

After a delay of the launch, rescheduled from Sunday to Monday, the wait is finally over. An upgrade of the Antares rocket was planned to lift up today. It has propelled the Cygnus cargo ship, eventually. The venue was as per the earlier plan  Wallops Island, Va. Its mission is to take cargo to the…
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Dead Spacecraft Presents Evidence of Water on Europa

NASA’s Galileo spacecraft has presented the scientists for the possibility of water on Europa. The data was taken from the spacecraft obtained 21 years ago in the year 1997.  The data reveals that the icy exterior of the moon throws out plume like material into space. This revelation leads to the possibility of an ocean…
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Space travel amalgamates the fractured world 

Only three men were there but the entirely peaceful message delivered by them was seen by the billion people. And as a matter of fact, the timing actually could not have been superior. Apollo 8 has been credited along with the "saving" a dreadful year. In the year 1968 the whole world was a complete…
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SpaceX Will Launch NASA and Iridium Satellites

GRACE-FO is one of the popular satellite missions, which have gained massive popularity in recent times. The satellite mission is now following the ultimate footsteps of NASA's GRACE mission. It is on the way of proving itself successful. It has been characterized by Earth's gravitational field right from the orbit in great detail from the…
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NSR Sees $250B Open Door For Satellite Assembling, Dispatch Markets

Northern Sky Exploration's Satellite Assembling and Dispatch Administrations, eighth Release report finds that regardless of the moderate year of 2017, in all cases, the worldwide satellite assembling and dispatch showcase is ready to produce an overabundance of two hundred fifty billion USA Dollars in the following decade.  As both business and government players start sending…
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Tom Wolfe spoke more about Space Exploration 

In his own words, Tom Wolfe said how he was occupied with the genuine space investigation. He said while addressing a correspondent amid the book visit for 'The Right Stuff,' clarifying his fundamental story of the main American space travelers. Concerning, the American organization decided to commit a major offer of the national assets to…
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