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Such a treat to retire as an astronaut

As children, we dream of flying an airplane, becoming an engineer or a doctor and so on. Very few students want to think of a career as an astronaut, though the thrill in this career is much more than any other profession the fear restricts the majority of our children to think about a career…
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Researchers develop MOF to study toxic atmospheric gas

An International team of scientists which is led by the University of Manchester have introduced a metal-organic framework material (MOF) that displays a fully reversible and selective method to remove nitrogen dioxide present within the atmosphere in the immediate surroundings. Such a discovery was confirmed by the scientists with the help of neutron scattering which…
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The First Solar Observatories in Orbit

NASA missions to study Earth's closest star will join its most ambitious mission to study the sun. The importance of the Sun for all life on Earth makes the task even more important. NASA'S Orbiting Solar Observatories(OSO) were a series of eight spacecraft launched by NASA between 1962 and 1975. The Ball Brothers Research Corporation…
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Advanced view of Amazon forest gives NASA researchers detailed information

The three-dimensional view of the dense Amazon forest have given the NASA researchers a scope for in-depth analysis of the significant number of branch falls as well as tree mortality that occurs at the time of drought conditions. Such research has lead to the revealing of the fact that El Nino-driven drought that happened in…
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CIMON, The Flying Brain

CIMON, the first ever flying, autonomous, Artificial Intelligent(AI) assistant for astronauts would soon get to work in space. The Flying Brain is created by Airbus, in cooperation with IBM., the largest computer company in the world. The 11-lb. (5 kilograms) CIMON who has an unforgettable face and features of a medicine ball will provide mission…
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SpaceX and Blue Origin facilities at KSC set to get State support 

Nearly $18 million support has been proposed to be chipped in by the state to support SpaceX and Blue Origin to build new facilities at the Kennedy Space Center, and the same is expected to add around 140 new jobs.  Space Florida’s Board of Directors are to meet next week in Tampa to consider on…
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Want to know, how could you drink Champagne is Space. Here’s how?

Tourists to space, can now very soon celebrate their occasions traveling into space with a glass of champagne to toast for. G.H. Mumm, the well-known French Champagne maker along with Spade, a design startup have created the way to drink the liquid in microgravity. And the best part of all of it is, that it’s…
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A Cool View of Earth Captured by Chinese Satellite from Lunar Orbit

After 20 day’s journey of Queqiao lunar, the Longjiang-2 microsatellite, which is its companion, took some clear pictures of the lunar surface and the Earth. Queqiao lunar is a Chinese communications satellite. This is specially designed for lunar orbit. This is the primary component of the recent Change 4 rover and lander mission. This will…
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