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German specialized yarn factory is ready to install a sun2proof solar system of meeco

German companies are persuading to aim at saving electricity and yielding energy of independence and contributing power supply in production systems. The German yarn factory GruschwitzTextilwerkeAG, that is 200 years old has currently decided to make more progress in persuading the aim together with mercy. This will install roof mounted sun2proof solar energy systems on…
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Adding convenience to technology

How easy things will be if out machines could tell us that which part of theirs need a repair. We all use devices and many times, they do not work normally. We often take them to the respective repair shop to know what is wrong. But if the machine could itself speak that my battery…
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Chemical bonds using trapped ions are the world-first quantum computer simulation

An international community of researchers has gained the world’s first multi-qubit quantum chemistry calculation demonstration performed on a system based ions. This is one of the famous hardware platforms in the competition to develop universal quantum power.  University of Sydney physicist Dr. Cornelius Hempel, the researcher explores that a promising gateway for introducing effective ways…
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Liquid water Hidden under South Pole Planet detected by Mars Express

The Red Planet is the evidence for its watery past across its surface in the form of large dried-out river valley networks and fantastic outflow channels imaged by orbiting spacecraft. Orbiters and rovers together with lenders are exploring the Martian surface. It is discovered that the minerals can form in the presence of liquid water. …
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Hydropower could threaten the food security of Cambodia

In Cambodia, farmers and anglers depend on the Mekong River's predictable seasonal patterns, but hydroelectricity news dams are altering the hydrology of the river. These changes have ultimate threaten to livelihood, fish migration and regional food security. A new paper from the Lowa state university and the University of Illinois urges a participatory approach for…
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Cosmic-ray electron spectrum could make direct measurement through CALET

An international researchers group succeeded in growing their result from a previously measured cosmic ray that is an energy range from 11 GeV to 4.8 Tev with Electron Calorimetric telescope (CALET)  CALET is an optimized detector, which observes high-energy electrons, that was installed on an experimental Japanese Module Kibo on the international space station (ISS)…
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Science says, Metal gummy to cut: Draw on it with a glue Stick or Sharpie

You have every time requirements of glue sticks, markers and packing tape may provide an amazingly low-tech long-lasting solution in the manufacturing industry which will make gummy metals easier to cut and make it soft. Inks and adhesive are useful because for its chemical content, but their stickiness to the surface of any materials such…
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