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New astounding details about Jupiter revealed

Jupiter continues to amaze and it is partly because of the Juno mission that is providing astronomers and scientists with ample amounts of data to unravel secrets about the gaseous giant. Recently three papers have been published in journal Nature that provide answer to a question that scientists have been asking ever since Galileo first…
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Possible clues about path to forming life’s building blocks in space revealed

Scientists may possibly have found clues to what seems to be the path to forming life's building blocks in space. Published in Nature Astronomy journal the new study reveals that lab experiments carried out by scientists to retrace the chemical steps leading to the creation of complex hydrocarbons in space, showing pathways to forming 2-D carbon-based…
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Strange geometric arrays of storms observed at Jupiter’s poles

Astronomers have finally managed to get a good look at Jupiter's poles to find that the gaseous giant is indeed more strange than believed with its poles packing strange geometric arrays of storms. This was made possible through NASA's Juno spacecraft that is currently orbiting the massive planet. The geometric arrays of storms is baffling as each of…
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Catastrophic collision could explain enigmatic structures in comet Chury

Researchers have said that comets with two lobes - like 'Chury' - the comet one visited by ESA's Rosetta spacecraft are produced when the debris resulting from a destructive collision between two comets clumps together again. According to astronomers Chury's shape can be explained by the merger of two formerly separate comets. The two comets would…
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