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Hydropower could threaten the food security of Cambodia

In Cambodia, farmers and anglers depend on the Mekong River's predictable seasonal patterns, but hydroelectricity news dams are altering the hydrology of the river. These changes have ultimate threaten to livelihood, fish migration and regional food security. A new paper from the Lowa state university and the University of Illinois urges a participatory approach for…
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Cosmic-ray electron spectrum could make direct measurement through CALET

An international researchers group succeeded in growing their result from a previously measured cosmic ray that is an energy range from 11 GeV to 4.8 Tev with Electron Calorimetric telescope (CALET)  CALET is an optimized detector, which observes high-energy electrons, that was installed on an experimental Japanese Module Kibo on the international space station (ISS)…
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Science says, Metal gummy to cut: Draw on it with a glue Stick or Sharpie

You have every time requirements of glue sticks, markers and packing tape may provide an amazingly low-tech long-lasting solution in the manufacturing industry which will make gummy metals easier to cut and make it soft. Inks and adhesive are useful because for its chemical content, but their stickiness to the surface of any materials such…
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International Oceanography Satellite marks its ten years in Space

Tracking the rise of global sea levels and initially designed for a mission that will suppose to last for a span of three to five years, the International Oceanography Satellite marks its ten years of operations this week in orbit.  On Sunday, the Xinhua news agency reported that - Jason-2 satellite was launched in space…
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SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy to fly a classified military satellite wins the bid

Scheduled to launch in 2020, SpaceX won the bid worth $130 million to operate a classified Air Force satellite to space on its Falcon Heavy rocket. The information regarding the moon is not available except its name “AFSPC-52”.  One primary goal of organizing bids between the rocket companies for the launch is reducing government’s expenditure…
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NASA plans to protect planet Earth against asteroids

Asteroids pose a significant threat to our planet. Not only the massive but also the smaller ones pose threat as they land at a very high speed when they enter the orbit. NASA, on Wednesday, presented a new strategy and five chief goals to protect earth from these destructive objects. In collaboration with The Office…
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Reduction in Sulfur emissions in China

The fall in sulfur dioxide emissions in China displays the excellent efforts brought by the antipollution policies undertaken by the Chinese Government. The study co-authored by an MIT academician demonstrates how one of the anti-pollution laws has been successful in reducing the concentrations of sulfur emitted from coal-fired power plants by 13.9 percent. The achievement…
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The strange Eclipsing Star: A 200-year-old Mystery Solved

Epsilon Aurigae – the bright winter star has puzzled astronomers for nearly 200 years over its peculiar dimming process. With the aid of precise measurements of distance by the Gaia satellite of the European Space Agency, scientists have been able to pin down on the mass of the two stars, both involved in the process,…
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