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Mystery Behind Warming Of Moon Surface Finally Revealed

Our nearest neighbor Moon has a lot of secrets and mysteries lying on its surface that have been puzzling the scientific community for decades. One of such mysteries is the unusual warming up of the surface of the Moon exactly where the astronauts walked during Apollo Mission. The fact that only a certain specific region…
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Britain’s shutout spurs security row over EU Galileo Satellite project

With the country’s taxpayers already having paid 1 billion pounds, and the EU shutting Britain out of the Galileo satellite project, have spurred up a fresh row over UK’s involvement with the programme and also threatens to spoil the Brexit talks.  Majority of the state members have turned down against the UK and voted for…
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The Changing Antarctica Finally Revealed After Decades Of Satellite Monitoring

Scientists have been closely monitoring the changing Antarctica through the satellite imaging for several decades. The glaciers, sea ice, and the ice shelves are undergoing massive changes with every passing year due to various factors. The scientists have finally revealed the reasons behind the thinning and melting of the enormous chunk of ice in this…
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Diamond Dust Glamming up the Stars

 According to new study reports, diamond dust is responsible for a puzzled like glow arising from some regions of the Milky Galaxy. Astronomers have already known that anomalous microwave emission (AME) which is a rapidly spinning particle is throwing off this light. However, until now they could not find the actual culprit of it. Researchers…
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Count the stars

Counting stars ahead in the sky, was a favourite pastime and a lovely memory of all kids born before technology took over. The disappointment of losing the count, after reaching a figure bigger than hundred, can't be explained in words. Think of a scientist who looks at the sky to find something new every day…
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Want a job at SpaceX? Know the skills essential

Getting a job at an organisation as innovation-centric as SpaceX is like a dream come true. We often envy those employees who have the privilege of working in such a competitive workplace. The facilities available, the intellectual set of mentors and learning with every moment you work. Anyone who knows what it means to work…
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