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Why Astronauts Grow Up to Five Centimeters When They Go to Space

Traveling outside the Earth causes a loss of muscle mass, visual problems, and circadian rhythm disorders. A Japanese astronaut, Norishige Kanai, announced on Tuesday that he had grown nine centimeters in space during his three weeks on the International Space Station (ISS). "I'm a little worried about whether I'll enter the Soyuz space seat when…
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NASA’s mission of sending crew into deep space may incur a lot of cost.

According to reports NASA is soon going to launch its first astronauts into the deep space since the Apollo Program space Launch system rocket was planned. Till now this news has no official confirmation from NASA. Few weeks’ back a speculation was reported that mission planners at the space agency have started designing the Exploration…
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MIT Team Strives for the Stars, Satellite Off to Search Exoplanets 

By next week, a NASA-sponsored spacecraft made and developed by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will start a mission to explore possibility thousands of other planets just outside of the solar system.   The TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) created at MIT will bring 4 cameras and be the very first to study…
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Methanesat Satellite

Due to the high emission of methane gas on earth, a new satellite meant to attract methane discharge is on the verge to be launched in 2021. Methane gas is produced by microorganisms living in a particular habitat and it is one of the criteria used to affirm the existence of life on other unusual…
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Why Reusable Rockets Are Much Easier to Build than Electric Cars

So what is the reason SpaceX could be ahead of the pack and affordable, while the evidently easier job of developing electric cars is apparently beyond Elon Musk’s other company? For it is true that developing an electric car is a huge deal simpler than creating reusable space rockets and simpler again than creating affordable…
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Excursion to space: Not a dream anymore

The American spaceflight company Virgin Galactic is a step closer to its goal of taking passengers on quick jaunts into space. It intends to carry passengers on a high parabolic trajectory past the Karman Line, an imaginary boundary beyond which space begins.  After dedicating itself to conducting two years of rigorous ground and atmospheric tests,…
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Iridium Commercial Communications Network Grab a Lift from the SpaceX

For the Iridium messaging network, there are ten other satellites had flown to the orbit with the Falcon 9 spacecraft from the Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. The blast off had taken place on Friday, bringing the upgraded Iridium spacecraft launched to fifty and clearing the way to liftoff of the SpaceX supply rocket on…
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NASA Rocket Launches ASPIRE, a Supersonic Mars Parachute

A supersonic parachute specifically tailored to land NASA spacecraft in the future just recently launched in space by the Advanced Supersonic Parachute Inflation Research Experiment.  It was on March 31 from the agency’s Wallops Flight Facility. The launch became successful after a few days of delays because of the rough seas in the Atlantic Ocean.…
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