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The use of gold nanoparticles can impact hydrogen economy?

Nanotechnology has been considered a dimension of science that has no limit and can offer outputs beyond our imagination. To improve the nanocomposite material and its uses, a team of scientists at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU), and Leibniz University Hannover (Leibniz Universitat Hannover) performed several experiments. The results of their research…
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Nanoscale Imaging would offer the splitting water insights 

Researchers need to know more about the convert of carbon dioxide into fuel and artificial photosynthesis into the sunlight by performing photoelectrochemical water splitting skillfully. Thus, they also want to understand some materials if they are working or not. Scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have introduced nanoscale techniques, through which they wish to know…
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The study suggests that life on earth could have started much earlier

As per a new study led by a group of scientists from the University of Chicago, it has been revealed that the early Earth could have been in a habitable situation much earlier than it was thought. While on their mission of counting strontium atoms within rocks from Northern Canada, they found positive proof whereby…
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Unconventional binary star system takes the study of relativity to new heights

 A bizarre stellar pair which is close to 7000 light-years from Earth has given scientists a unique opportunity for studying the nature of the gravity. A tremendous strong gravitational force concerning massive neutron star in orbit along with a white dwarf star has put theories of gravity to a challenging position which is more cumbersome…
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Trump’s Space Force, a Terrible Solution to a Real Problem

The problem: U.S. military for almost everything depends on satellites – surveillance, intelligence, communications, and navigation and even for the correct and accurate guidance of its weapons (making smart bombs smarter with intelligent GPS satellites). In spite of all these, the satellites are susceptible to attacks and disruptions.  The decision to create the sixth branch…
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20 years old and launching a satellite

World’s smallest satellite being launched by probably the world’s youngest scientists, is something that turns heads. A 2U sized Space debris analyzer satellite called Hawksat has been developed by Nived Hareesh who served as the project head along with his colleagues – Vishal Kahar, Harsh Ojash, Sitanshu Pandya and Hasan Patrawala. These friends individually helped…
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