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Applications of Carbon nano-materials CMs

Carbon is an element in the periodic table known for its reactivity and ability to form various compounds. University of Science and Technology, China has proposed an effective strategy to make nano-materials from carbon. The compounds of carbon are durable and strong, hence scientists keep researching to identify ways of incorporating them into practical application. …
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Mars has liquid for sure, but is it water or not?

A recent discovery has proved that liquid does exist on the planet red. This theory of the existence of liquid beneath the surface of the polar caps of Mars has reinforced the analysis and announcement made by PSI Senior Scientist Stephen Clifford back in 1987. MARSIS - Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionosphere Sounding…
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Plastics munch-on by soil bugs

Presently, our world is sinking in a plastic flood. Every year eight million tons of plastic drowns in the ocean. There are many agriculture soils threatened by the pollution of plastic. Farmers around the world apply various amounts of polyethylene (PE) mulch films onto soils to protect weeds, keep the soil moist and maximize soil…
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New problem with Lithium oxygen batteries revealed by Liquid Microscopy

Lithium oxygen batteries which claimed to last longer than the regular batteries have a question now regarding quality and life of the batteries.  By making use of an advanced technique called liquid microscopy which visualizes chemical reactions that occur in liquid environments, a new discovery is made by scientists. The discovery says that the batteries…
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Weighing stars with gravitational lensing

 The star in Milky Way is in motion. Because of their distance, they change positions and can only be measured by using large telescopes for a long time. Rarely, a foreground star passes a star at the close proximity as seen from the earth. Light from the gravitational field of the foreground star follows a…
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Mysteries of metallic hydrogen unravels by the researchers 

Metallic hydrogen is one of the scarce material available on Earth, and more than 80 percent of planets - including Saturn, Jupiter and hundreds of extrasolar planets.Its rare in our solar system in spite of its rarity on Earth - makes metallic hydrogen a unique focus for researchers at the University of Rochester's Laboratory of…
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Evolution keeps on repeating itself after all

There are one species of cichlid fish with every two mammal species. It indicates that among animals biodiversity is distributed quite unevenly. Why is it so? And evolution can be predicted to what extent? Various “internal” and ecological factors play a vital role. Among different elements, a major decisive factor can be the environmental conditions,…
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