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NASA heading for Nuclear Power in Space

NASA is all set to announce its major project of setting up nuclear power within space. The name which has been given to the project is “Kilopower”. It is considered as a project which will allow the nuclear reactor to bring about clean energy on Mars, Moon and even beyond that. Now it has all…
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$214 funded for SpaceX so far

In the past week, it was announced that SpaceX is trying to raise in excess of $500 million for the purpose of the new series investment round. Such rising would make the company of Elon Musk more than $23.7 billion Company. In the present day, it has been announced that the company has raised $…
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SpaceX to build rockets in Los Angeles

SpaceX is all set to build a new advanced facility for manufacturing rockets and spaceflight at the Port of Los Angeles. This facility is believed to consolidate the vision of Elon Musk to send different facilities to Mars by 2022. The company is all ready to manufacture BFR which is an abbreviation for Big Falcon…
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Satellite Project Gains The Confidence of Airbus, SoftBank, and Bill Gates.

A project dubbed EarthNow LLC project was launched on Wednesday, April 18, 2018. The aim of the project is to provide better video coverage of planet earth by launching 500 small satellites. The project drew the world’s biggest billionaires; Microsoft founder, Bill Gates and Soft Group’s Chief Executive Masayoshi Son, along with Airbus SE as…
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NASA scientists travel to Antarctica

In a recent event, two scientists working in NASA have made their way back after going on an expedition to the most deserted landscape probably available on the surface of the earth. The two scientists, Kelly Brunt and Tom Neumann, both of whom are holding vital positions in their office made it look pretty easy…
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