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Meteorite Impact Triggers Dust Avalanche on Mars

NASA captured astonishing views of Mars crater, caused by a small space rock crashing onto the planet and triggering a dust avalanche with its impact. Likely caused by the meteorite impact within the last ten years, the new crater on Mars was spotted by NASA’s MRO, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter from the orbit, and the agency…
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Sweat for Science

German astronaut, Alexander Gerst, at a training session at the European Astronaut Centre in Germany in spring 2018, will test special cooling shirts on Earth and in space and is all set to sweat for the project SpaceTex2. On June 6, Gerst arrived at the International Space Station as part of the European Space Agency's…
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Satellite Internet Business known as Starlink to be introduced shortly by SpaceX

According to the 2018 report, the rationale decision of SpaceX to accelerate its business into the operation and construction of a massive internet business is known as Starlink. This was brought into sharp contrast, introducing how tiny the orbital market launches is compared with the markets, which makes the same entry.  It should be acknowledged…
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Amidst Growing Trade War, Boing 737 up against China’s Spacecraft

As unveiled by the Trump lead, US administration, Chinese spacecraft faces new steep tariff challenges. It is also the same with large airlines like Cornac C919 and ‘turbojet’ engines.  The biggest challenge here is that the U.S. does not import any of these, and simultaneously the Chinese companies making them are just at the initial…
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The Interstellar Comet Dust Has The Secret Of The Solar System

A simple trail of the interstellar dust can take us back to the origin of the solar system. Just like every other star and planet systems of the different galaxies, our solar system started as a cloud of interstellar dust and gas. Some of those pre-solar dust particles are still preserved in certain cosmic objects…
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Africa in Space

Africa was not seen in the race for space till now, after the failure of Angosat-1, but now with Anglosat-2, the sub-Saharan nation is trying its hands again in launching a telecom satellite. To keep pace with the rest of the world, Ghana, Morocco, and Algeria are developing space programs. And African Union may boost…
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Alien life exists!

Have you ever wondered if Aliens were present in the space, how would they handle the radiations in the three-star Alpha Centauri System? We have heard of high radiation levels causing damage to our planet or skin or eyes, but what would happen if the radiation levels were lower than required, will life still sustain?…
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The Sun Exploration Missions That Will Take Us Closer To The Star

The world will very soon get to know fresh and new information about the powerhouse of our solar system, the Sun.  All thanks to the two pioneering missions that will be launched by the two prestigious space agencies, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and The European Space Agency (ESA). NASA's Parker Solar Probe…
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