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Ringed or Rocky Alien Planet to might hide in Plain Sight

According to study, Astronomers mistook the rocky planets with rings that they have discovered unknowingly as other kinds of worlds. The rings around these Solar System gas giant planets are famous as a wrap that can be seen around Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Jupiter. However, all other rocky planets in the solar system currently lack…
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Weird Asteroid discovered in Jupiter’s orbit

Again an interstellar asteroid has been found. This time it is within Jupiter’s Orbit. As per the latest report, it is going to stay for a long-term rather than moving away from its position. In the previous year during October, astronomers with the help of Pan-STARRS telescope which is kept in Hawaii declared that they…
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SpaceX and its ninth launch of the year

Bangabandhu-1 which is the first communication satellite of Bangladesh was launched to space on 11 May this year. It was started with the help of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. This rocket is said to be updated and improved. The rocket took off from the Kennedy Space Center located in Florida. Bangabandhu-1 was launched and…
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SpaceX gets backing for boosting “Space Taxi.”

In the latest release, the safety group of NASA has said that the plans of the SpaceX to lit off its “space taxi” rockets at the time when astronauts are on board is very much a possible option. Some NASA officials have raised serious concerns over the company’s “load and go” policy whereby the fuel…
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Mars rover to find out new drilling technique

The Mars rover Curiosity could be soon ready with its drilling activities. There was a mechanical problem which made the 7-foot long robotic arm out of its operations in the year of 2016. Since then the team members of the mission are behind the job of getting it ready all over again. After a severe…
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SpaceX eyeing 300 missions for next five years

SpaceX has the aim to execute 300 missions over the next five years. To implement this plan, it is ready to set up about 30 to 40 rockets in pretty quick succession. After that, the Big Falcon Rocket will come into the place replacing the older version of the Falcon 9. The main aim of…
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