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Problems with Juno just before flyby

NASA space probe Juno, remaining in space since 2011, performed course correction maneuver after not too lucky flyby on October 19, and will conduct next scheduled flyby close to Jupiter on 11th December 2016. Juno, which remains on Jupiter orbit since July 4, 2016, is still at the moment on long orbit. It makes possible visiting Jupiter…
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MUOS-5 is getting close to its orbit

After problems with main propulsion, American military communication satellite seems to have had speed up and is reaching end of its orbital journey to designated orbit. MUOS-5 was launched on June 24, 2016 on atop of Atlas V (551) from Cape Canaveral SLC-41. Satellite was last, backup unit, from series of five communication satellites developed…
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OA-5 berthed to ISS !

S.S. Alan Pointdexter, first Cygnus spacecraft launched on atop of Antares rocket after two years break, finally reached International Space Station. It was lucky flight for Orbital ATK - Cygnus returned for operating with its launch vehicle, Antares 230 rocket after two years of using Atlas V rocket. In spite of delay of the launch…
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Progress MS-02 undocked !

Russian cargo spacecraft, Progress MS-02 was successfully undocked yesterday from International Space Station after lasting for over 6 months space mission. Progress has finished its mission lasting since launch on March 31, 2016, during which it delivered over 2400 kg of payload for astronauts and cosmonauts and refueled International Space Station. It also served ISS with…
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Obama’s wish list – first men on the Mars in 2030s

President of United States, Barack Obama, presented his vision of American space program in full of enthusiasm and personal memories letter published yesterday by CNN. In the end of his second presidential term President Obama apparently wanted to take his toll on American space program and highlight own merits. His letter published by CNN yesterday, two days before the White House Frontiers…
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PSLV delivered to orbit 8 satellites during its 37th flight !

This is how it should be done! ISRO launched on 26th September 2016 from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, their PSLV rocket with number of satellites under the payload fairing. Fifth mission of PSLV in 2016 was completed successfully and eight satellites are on their correct designated orbits. Launched conducted on 26th September was planned mainly for…
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North Korean rocket engine ground test – Is DPRK getting ready for next launch ?

North Korea announced about successful ground test of their latest rocket engine. Lasting over three minutes test was performed on September 20, 2016. According to Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) test was conducted by National Aerospace Development Administration at Sohae Satellite Launching Station. Trial assumed verifying technical solutions used in combustion chamber, valves of the propellant system,…
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MUOS-5 after slight orbit change with issue with propulsion still unsolved

Well known problems with propulsion of United States Navy communication satellite MUOS-5 are still not explained even after performing visual inspection by one of the GSSAP satellites. Since first problems with MUOS-5 were reported to public in July 2016, U.S. Navy has been trying to solve mysterious issue with propulsion. To remind: MUOS-5, representing next generation…
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New opening – Blue Origin announces their new launch vehicle !

Yesterday Blue Origin along with Jeff Bezos announced that company will start developing new heavy rocket to conduct first test flight before end of this decade from Launch Complex 36 at Cape Canaveral. Everything started from email sent by Jeff Bezos, who explains whole sense of new project. New launch vehicle is impressive in its technical specification,…
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