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DOE contracts with Sunvapor to develop the Demand of Solar Steam

Sunvapor INC company develops solutions for technology to sustain challenges which are announced to receive $ 1.5 million from Energy solar technology office in USA. This will advance the solar-thermal desalination process, which can minimize the costs and increase production of freshwater from unusable water sources.  The solar steam on demand project will introduce with…
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Oxygen loss in the Baltic Sea is Unavoidable

According to a new investigation, it is known that during the 20th century the coastal regions of the Baltic sea have lost plenty of oxygen. This sea hosts various dead zones, expansion of salt water without oxygen in the world. Here animal life cannot survive.  Decades of pollution runoff and fertilizer and other algal blooms…
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Space Force: Why does the United States need one?

President Donald Trump ordered the Pentagon on June 18th to formulate a separate and the sixth wing of the military that will focus on the security of space. The President was somewhat right. There is a need for a space force. Space that stands critical for nation’s defense, and wing of the military that speaks…
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China’s Tiangong-2 Space Lab takes a dip, gets back up again

China's second space lab dived unexpectedly toward Earth this month, just two months after its predecessor crashed uncontrolled into our planet's atmosphere. Tiangong-2 took an unexpected dive of about 59 miles (95 kilometers) two weeks ago but again rose up to its previous position which was 242-mile-high (390 km) orbit on June 22, as explained…
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NATO chief confirms of strong EU-US defense ties

NATO chief, Jens Stoltenberg, is pretty much worried and confessed on Thursday that the disagreements between the United States and Europe had intensified a lot. However, the trans-Atlantic bond on defense as well as security remains the same. In a speech in London, Stoltenberg said such disagreements are “real”. It is not written firmly anywhere…
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RemoveDebris and its journey to remove Space Junk

RemoveDebris, the first spacecraft sent by the International Space Station is sent on a spearhead mission of clearing the space Junk. It is a hundred-kilogram debris removal spacecraft sent using Canadarm2, a robotic arm. It is used for repairing and catching cargo ships. The next two months would be used up switching all the subsystems…
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Astronauts or robonauts – who will be better?

Space is a depthless ocean for exploration, for decades we have been working towards getting ourselves established there in outer space with the help of space suits, space crafts and space stations. But that was not enough, the small bot performing redundant functions at ISS is not the complete picture, since a 3-D printed polymer…
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Spaceflight Heritage Discovers the First Solar Observation in Orbit

NASA prepares to launch the most ambitious and latest mission to study the Sun and also this mission would join the NASA mission to explore the closest star to the Earth. Since the year 1958 NASA’s major priority was studying the Sun. This mission importance becomes more evident when it gives significance to the Sun…
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The Everyday Astronaut

Tim Dodd is an ordinary man who affirms to use his freshly discovered powers for good. Tim is not a superhero; he is the Everyday Astronaut. He, with his spacesuit and enthusiasm for space exploration, wants to generate among the citizens of earth euphoria and exhilaration in spaceflight. He is a self-proclaimed "Space-obsessed man-child who…
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