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Lunar X Prize Competition Would Relaunch Without a Prize

Google’s decade-old competition for Lunar X Prize recently ended without a winner. Days after that, the X Prize Foundation released announcement of a “relaunch” of the competition. However, this time it does not have a prize, at least for the meantime.  The X Prize Foundation gave its statement on April 5 announcing it would reestablish…
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Robot bees: NASA`s next gen space exploration

Space explorations and space related research always been a step ahead of other genres of research in the world. In modern times there seems to be a thin line separating the fictional sci-fi movies from reality. In a world where artificial intelligence and robotic mechanics are a reality, very little surprises us. Such has been…
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NASA Twins Study Confirms Space Changes the Body

NASA’s Twins Study is a research conducted by the organization’s scientists intended to find out how space factors in terms of nature versus nurture. Taking advantage of twin astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly, scientists collected samples from each before sending Scott to space.  Scott remained in the International Space Station for an entire year. On…
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Weather satellites lend a hand in search and rescue

The Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) constellation's primary role is to monitor Earth's environment and provide meteorologists with data that could help them predict weather. Now these same satellites can also lend a hand in search and rescue operations in times of crisis. GOES observations have tracked thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes and flash floods. They've even proven useful…
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