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Toughened carbon isotopes

A honey-comb shaped lattice of carbon called graphene is an unusual structure in itself. The pattern, when placed in the form of multiple sheets put together, has proved to be significantly robust and efficient of increasing mechanical performance. Carbon is itself entirely reactive, and its compounds with anything that can make it stable, this particular…
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An Excellent Approach towards Generating Efficient Solar Cells

The teams of scientists at Friedrich-Alexander-Universitate Erlangen-Nurnberg (FAU) are working on for joint research about generating more electricity from solar cells, which is called as singlet-fission research. This would empower the productivity of solar cells, and it happens for the current research team who have made this possible. This discovery has been published in the…
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The Parker solar probe of NASA where Latest Heat Shield Installed

In the year 2018, June 27th the Parker Solar Probe launched the mission. The mission will get closer to the sun than any human-made object. This solar probe heat shield is called as TPS or thermal protection system on the spacecraft.  In the making of 60 years of this mission, parker solar probe will make…
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Could Air conditioning make our living more uncomfortable?

Since the changes in the climatic conditions are making temperatures even hotter, the extensive use of air conditioning in the buildings, houses are making the atmosphere even hotter. Such widespread use of air conditioning is making the atmosphere further degradable and also compounding the toll of air pollution on the lives of the human beings.…
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Scotland’s space expertise helps in gravitation waves study

The UK has taken the help of Institute of Gravitational Research which is a part of the University of Glasgow. It has also partnered with the Science and Technology Facilities Council which is a part of the UK Astronomy Technology Centre (UK ATC) located in Edinburg. They will look to develop the optical benches for…
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Spaceflights set to begin in 2019 by Blue Origin 

Blue Origin is all set to make your dreams turn into reality, a reality of going on a space flight. The company is all set to open bookings for spaceflights starting 2019. However, as such, no announcements have been made on the prices for the ticket, but it is presumed to be ‘astronomical.’ According to…
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Hackers based in China breach satellites, defense companies

Companies based in the United States and Southeast Asia were taken over by pirated operations in China, as reported by Symantec. The companies affected were majorly telecommunications, satellite operators, and defense contractors.  Though the researchers at the companies could not find which communications, if any at all, were taken, they deduced that the hackers infected…
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Trump’s Space force to defend planet Earth from incoming asteroids

President Donald Trump recently has been advocating for a “Space Force.” Though this invited criticism, the United States has shown a keen interest in the past deeming it as a move for self-defense and non-aggressive military activities. However, since this idea has been brought up, many observers have come up with various theories and strategies…
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How do plants maintain their temperature?

We, humans, exhale, sweat, release toxins in different ways, but how do plants perform this action? Is it common to all the living beings or not? NASA has initiated a project on the International Space Station where water plant on earth shall be tracked. The installation of the instrument called ECOSTRESS – Ecosystem Spaceborne Thermal…
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