Avocado Extract Market Segments, Opportunity, Growth and Forecast by End-Use Industry 2018-2027

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Notable Highlights

  • In September 2018, Australia’s biggest avocado farm owner, Simpson Farms announced the sale of its farm business. The company annual revenues were to the tune of nearly US$ 75 million through the sale of over 1.5 million avocados. The farm that produces these avocados is expected to be sold for between US$ 250 to 300 million.

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  • In February 2018, Costa Group announced the acquisition of Coastal Avocados farms in New South Wales. The acquisition was made in partnership with Macquarie Agricultural Funds Management who will own the forms and Costa will operate them. The acquisition is aimed at Costa’s goal to achieve 1,000 hectares and 52-week supply annually.
  • In October 2018, Mexico avocado growers went on 16 days strike in protest of low field prices and other issues. Due to the strike, weekly shipments plummeted significantly from 40 million in the week of 28 October to 4.8 million two weeks later. While 78% of the Hass avocados were shipped in the U.S. from Mexico in 2017, the effect of the shortage reached U.S. restaurants forcing owners to remove avocados and guacamole from menus.
  • In the second quarter of 2018, avocado prices witnessed a dramatic fall in Europe. The prices of avocado dropped to one third within a year span, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAMA) in Spain. Despite the increased annual consumption capacity, increased production in Peru and South Africa, prominent avocado importers in Europe has led to market saturation and downfall in avocado prices.

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  • In Australia, despite the increased production capacity, higher prices of avocados continue amid exponentially rising demand. The year 2018 remained a high priced avocado year for the avocado industry – the scenario has led the Avocado Australia and Hort Innovation to work towards enhancing domestic production as well as expand domestic and international markets.
  • Columbia became the member of the World Avocado Organization (WAO) whose current member countries include Mexico, Peru, the US, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Spain. The announcement was made in the Asia Fruit Logistica 2018 in September. With the WAO membership, Columbia will increase supply in the European avocado market.

Fact.MR report delivers notable insights on all the key avocado extract market players. Profiled players in the avocado extract market include Simpson Farms, Crofts Limited, AVOCARE, Olivado Ltd, Avocado Global Pte Ltd, Salud Food Group, Sunfresh, Avocado Oil De Mexico, Indigo Herbs, Markon, and others.

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Tier 3 Players Show Stronger Foothold in Avocado Extract Market

Tier 3 players in the avocado extract market have a significant penetration in domestic markets. Avocado extract products manufactured by these players are preferred across multiple applications, owing to end-user sentiment to buy locally produced avocado extract products such as oil, powder and puree.

Olivado Ltd., Indigo Herbs, Markon and other players are categorized as Tier 3 companies whose focus remains differentiated food offerings. For Instance, Olivado Ltd. is a leading provider of extra virgin cold pressed avocado oil whereas Indigo Herbs delivers organic avocado powder. With their unique approach of market sustenance, Tier 3 players hold over half the volume share in the avocado extract market.

Supply Chain Challenges Impede Avocado Stockpiling

Avocado production is concentrated in Mexico which accounts for 35-45% of the global avocado supply. Other prominent producers include the Dominican Republic, Peru, Colombia, and Indonesia. Demand for avocado has skyrocketed in the past half a decade which has created volatility in the avocado market, particularly lower field prices.

Moreover, the duration of avocado ripening depends on the harvesting time and post-harvest environment. Further, the fruit requires end-to-end monitoring during shipping and storage. In addition to the field price challenges, unique harvesting process and requirement of the cold chain while transportation further complicates the supply chain. The delicate supply chain is vulnerable to changes that may affect the stock used in the production of different avocado extract products.

Growing Avocado Demand from Cosmetics Industry Represents an Opportunity

Consumer spending on products with natural ingredients has increased significantly. The trend has fuelled the sales of consumer products with avocado ingredients. Further, the positive consumer sentiment about avocados as a healthy food is rubbing off on its growing adoption by cosmetic manufacturers. Avocado oil is known for its higher penetration in the skin tissue and is a highly used ingredient in nourishing creams, massage oil, massage cream and other lubricating lotions.

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