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The Taiwanese Fabless IC Industry, 1Q 2019: By ELAN, ESMT, Focaltech, Global Unichip, Himax, Ilitek, Mediatek, Mstar, Novatek, Orisetech, Phison, Raydium, Realtek, Richtek, Silicon Motion, Sitronix

The report finds that the Taiwanese Fabless IC Industry’s shipment value continued to witness year-on-year growth in the fourth quarter of 2018. In anticipation of the increasingly stable shipment of smartphone ICs and continued steady IoT-related applications that are expected to drive the demand for wireless communications ICs, the industry’s shipment value is anticipated to reach USD…
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Akatsuki success confirmed !

JAXA officially confirmed injecting Akatsuki into designated Venus' orbit. After injecting Akatsuki on 7 December 2015 JAXA wait to gather data from spacecraft sensors to confirm if injecting was fully correct. Now we know for sure - Akatsuki became operational Venus probe on elliptical orbit with following parameters: apoapsis altitude of 440,000 km, periapsis altitude of about 400 km, orbit…
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Akatsuki with three instead five cameras after electrical fault

JAXA Akatsuki Venus Orbiter failed to keep its full operational status - two from five cameras are not longer working. In spite of this fact Akatsuki still operates after six years from  mission start in 2010, when it reached space on 20 May, 2010 on the top of the H-IIA rocket. According to official statement given by JAXA…
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