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SpaceX delivers Intelsat-35E to orbit after flawless flight

This time SpaceX delivered on the top of their Falcon-9 rocket Intelsat-35E communications satellite. Launch was finished with success, sadly this time we did not see spectacular landing of the rocket's booster. Finally after two failed attempts SpaceX managed to deliver to orbit Intelsat-35E. Mission was planned originally to be third in a row after…
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SpaceX Falcon-9 with Intelsat-35E delayed again

This time rocket was not perfectly fine and probably another technical issue stopped SpaceX from launching their flagship rocket with Intelsat-35E. Heavy storms near LC-39A caused prolonged countdown which was automatically halted at T-10". This is second time when SpaceX delays launch of the Falcon with Intelsat-35E satellite. After failed attempt on July 2, was interrupted by the…
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SpaceX delays Intelsat-35E mission

Yesterday SpaceX was forced to postpone launch of Falcon-9 rocket with Intelsat-35E communications satellite. 24 hours of delay were caused by problem with guidance system of the Falcon-9 remaining at LC-39A launch site at Kennedy Space Center. Launch was set for 23:36 UTC from LC-39A launch pad. Rocket was ready to deliver to orbit Intelsat-35E, weighing 6761…
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