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NROL-52 spacecraft spotted on orbit

Launched on October 15, 2017 on the top of the Atlas V (421) classified National Reconnaissance Satellite was spotted by observers hours after launch. Rocket with NROL-52 payload was launched on 07:28 UTC on October 15, 2017, from SLC-41 at Cape Canaveral. After first phase of flight when rocket set its course to south-east it…
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NROL-52 postponed for the third time

This time not weather conditions, but technical issues with Atlas V launch vehicle caused another delay in NROL-52 space mission. Rocket spent last days at SLC-41 with payload encapsulated under the fairing, as Atlas V was rolled out on Tuesday, October 3. After two not successful launch attempts on Thursday and Friday , ULA decided…
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NROL-52 delayed again due the weather conditions

Top secret flight of Atlas 5 with classified payload for National Reconnaissance Office was again postponed for 24 hours. This time launch attempt was in fact even not started. After yesterday's hold, countdown was not resumed due the same reason. Extremely strong winds at SLC-41 made launch impossible and ULA decided to postpone launch of…
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NROL-52 delayed !

Launch of the ULA atlas 5 rocket with classified payload for National Reconnaissance Office was delayed for 24 hours. Launch was scheduled for today from SLC-41 at Cape Canaveral at 07:30 UTC. Rocket in 421 configuration (2 boosters, 4 m fairing and single RL-10 engine installed at Centaur upper stage)  was rolled out on October…
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