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Aircraft Refurbishing Market Outlook to 2023 – Top Companies are JCB Aero, Lufthansa Technik, GKN, Jamco America Inc, SIA Engineering Company and Others

The rising need to modify aircraft interiors has grown significantly, over the past few years, and is primarily driving the growth of the aircraft refurbishing market. This is due to the increasing luxury quotient of airline interiors, which increases the need for the partial or complete refurbishing of VIP cabins and commercial cabins. Of late,…
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Planets Orbiting TRAPPIST-1 May Have 250 Times More Water than Earth

There are seven Earth-sized planets orbiting around TRAPPIST-1, a distant star. Scientists have been observing the way each planet interacts with the others to gain valuable information about its composition. By doing so, they have found that a few of these planets could house as much as 250 times more water than the amount in…
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