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Polish way to space

After signing agreement between Polish Armament Group and National Space Agency of Ukraine (NSAU) earlier this year, Polish space organizations and industry begun to increase its presence on the scene of world space industry. Signing agreement with NSAU was in fact first real step in developing Polish space industry, which unfortunately is not well developed.…
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New logo of Polish Space Agency

Established in 2014, Polish Space Agency got new logo and still unchanged mission - extend presence of Poland on world space arena. Polish Space Agency (POLSA) was established on 26 September 2014 as government agency to support realization of strategic goals in terms of development of space and satellite technologies. It is cooperating with established in 1976, Space Research Centre of Polish…
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Polish Space Agency Considers Massive Investment in Satellite Development

The Polish Space Agency is currently eyeing plans to spend approximately $420 million on its National Space Program. Officials hope this program can give the Polish Space Agency a chance at partnering with other leaders in the space agency to create two satellites and to develop additional technologies. A relatively new organization, the Polish Space…
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