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Stratolauncher with Pegasus XL !

Orbital ATK signed agreement with Vulcan Aerospace and declared that it will provide number of Pegasus XL rockets to be used with Stratolauncher HTHL launch vehicle. It is positive end of long history of relations between both companies and sign, that Stratolauncher is reaching end of its development phase with Pegasus XL as second stage. Orbital ATK…
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Get ready for debut of Stratolaunch !

Stratolaunch Systems, company established by one of the founders of Microsoft, Paul Allen, is reaching next milestone in their project of HTHL launch vehicle. In huge hangar on Mojave Desert in California potential competitor for WhiteKnightTwo (created by Virgin Galactic owned by Richard Branson) is almost finished. Few days ago on press conference inside Stratolaunch Systems…
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Stratolaunch’s New Giant Aircraft Successfully Passes Taxi Tests

Picture Kindly provided by Stratolaunch. Stratolaunch is a private company that exists largely in part thanks to the funding of billionaire Paul Allen, one of the co-founders of Microsoft. In 2011, the company announced plans to develop an air-launch platform. Part of this involves the development of a giant aircraft, originally designed to carry a modified…
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First ground tests of Stratolaunch lifting aircraft

Picture credited by Stratolaunch Systems Corp. Stratolaunch developing project of own lifting aircraft able to launch rockets with payload during flight reached another milestone. On December 21, 2017, Stratolauncher performed first tests on the runway. Largest aircraft in history performed first ground tests at Stratolaunch Systems Corp. facilities at the Mojave Air & Space Port in California…
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Stratolaunch enters new business

Stratolaunch, company established by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and focused on developing own lifting plane called Stratolauncher, signed agreement with NASA to develop new kind of propulsion. NASA recently announced about agreement signed on September 13, 2017 between  Stratolaunch and NASA’s Stennis Space Center. The Space Act Agreement covers according to official statement: “reimbursable testing and related…
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Stratolauncher rolled out !

One of the most impressive projects presented in recent years reached another milestone. Stratolaunch, giant carrier plane designed for lifting rockets launched during flight was rolled out from hangar at Mojave Air & Space Port for the first time on 31st May. Plane with wingspan at 117 m was rolled out in the last day of May…
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