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Abort test of New Shepard already tomorrow !

Blue Origin officially confirmed, that they are planning to conduct abort test of their New Shepard launch vehicle tomorrow, at their test facility placed near Van Horn in Texas. This test flight will be fifth mission of Blue Origin since its first flight with soft landing performed on 23 November 2015 (first flight was performed in fact…
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Next Blue Origin test flight already on October 2016 !

After last successful test flight performed on June 19, 2016, Blue Origin decided to take a summer holidays from flights of their. But now it is sure, that at least one flight will be conducted before end of the year. It is time to work! According to email sent by Jeff Bezos next test flight…
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New Shepard successfully landed with only two parachutes !

It is truly a milestone on the way of New Shepard to manned commercial missions. Today capsule landed without any problems on two parachutes instead three.  Fourth test flight of Blue Origin New Shepard VTVL launch vehicle was planned to be performed from launch facility in Van Horn in Texas. Plan of the mission covered…
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