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A Military Space Plane Wings Past 200 Days on Orbit

A Military Space Plane known as the Air Force X-37B has passed 200 days in orbit from the latest clandestine mission. The mission which began from September 7, last year was launched from the Kennedy’s Space Center in Florida.  According to the officials, one of the payload flyings is Embedded Thermal Spreader of the US…
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Falcon-9 test fire before OTV-5 mission

SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket passed test fire planned before scheduled for September 7th, 2017, launch of U.S. Air Force X-37B robotic space plane. SpaceX performed test fire of Falcon-9 rocket on August 31 at LC-39A at Kennedy Space Center. Rocket without encapsulated vehicle was rolled out from hangar to the launch site; ground service team connected…
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