CBD Products That You Can Consume At Work Or In The Office

Press Release

If you love CBD products, you definitely want to be able to take yours wherever you are. And depending on what your needs are, or what your lifestyle is, you may want the flexibility to consume your CBD goodies at any time, even when at work. But as we all know, not everyone and not every work space is friendly towards CBD or products related to cannabis. And even if your workspace has no issues with you taking CBD products, you may feel a little self-conscious about it. That is why we have a number of CBD products that we believe anyone can take at work and not skip a beat. Check them out:

CBD edibles

People snack at work all the time, right? So what is stopping you from doing the same? CBD edibles look just like any other snacks out there. Well, except for the packaging which would easily give you away. Apart from that, the actual contents could very easily pass for any other office snack. An easy solution for that is simply to pack a few of these edibles in a separate container as you shuttle to work. These edibles do not have any cannabis aroma and they will not get you high either. So feel free to nibble away to your heart’s content. 

CBD edibles include:

  • Gummy bears
  • Chocolates
  • Cookies
  • Candy

CBD capsules

A lot of people take pills and all sorts of supplements for any given number of reasons. And doing that at work is perfectly okay. When you are taking CBD capsules that is what it will look like – just another person taking their supplements or prescription medication. CBD capsules are a great option because you don’t get to taste the CBD oil, there is no chance of spilling any on yourself in your neat work clothes, and you get to administer precise measured doses with each capsule. 

CBD sprays

There are a number of CBD sprays in the market that you could use at work. 

These can broadly be divided into:

  • Oral sprays
  • Nasal sprays

Both nasal and oral CBD sprays work in the same way. They both release a mist of aerosol CBD oil into the body where it is absorbed into the bloodstream. Today you can also find CBD inhalers that work in the same way as any typical asthma inhaler. 

CBD ointments

Another great CBD product you can take at work and not feel the need to look over your shoulder is CBD ointments. These are applied onto the skin and are great for soothing muscle pain and inflammation. Some are flavored with mild aromas and some are not. You can use these at work to help ease any irritation or muscle discomfort you are feeling and it will easily pass as any other ointment in the market. 

CBD lotions and balms

It is perfectly okay to touch up on some lotion, balm, or oil at the workplace. After all, everyone want to look presentable and well-put at the workplace. CBD lotions and balms are therefore perfectly okay to use at any given workplace. Feel free to dab and rub some on your face, arms or any part of your body for healthier radiant skin. And the same applies for sun protection CBD products as well, especially if you work outdoors and it’s hot. 

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