Drinking Water Pipe Repair Market Analysis And Value Forecast Snapshot By End-Use Industry 2018-2026

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Drinking Water Pipe Repair Market – Snapshot

A water distribution system is an important aspect of social infrastructure that facilitates water transport, distribution, and supply. The facilities in any such system need to be continuously improved and updated based on specific plans in order to maintain the stability and safety of the water supply. Drinking water pipe repairs have been used for more than 50 years in order to meet the need for safe drinking water of an ever-increasing population.

Development & Innovation in Product and Technology

Recently, KMG Pipe Rehabilitation Emirates introduced latest technologies for pipe remote monitoring and assessment. Launch of drinking water pipe repair with advanced technologies in Asia Pacific is anticipated to help increase the durability and life of water pipelines. This is expected to help meet the demand of the people in the region for safe drinking water.

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Rise in Population and Need to Repair Existing Pipeline Infrastructure Have Propelled Demand for Drinking Water Pipe Repair

Factors such as a rise in population in China and India in Asia Pacific, a gradual recovery in construction activities, and government initiatives to provide clean and safe drinking water are expected to drive the drinking water pipe repair market in the coming years. Developing economies are expected to present significant opportunities for the market as their population is increasing significantly. In 2017, the construction sector saw a rebound due to a rejuvenated residential market, particularly in developed economies. This is attributed to the robust economic growth in North America and Europe. In North America, market expansion and increase in demand for drinking water infrastructure repairs created favorable conditions last year. These are expected to continue during the forecast period.

However, development in remote assessment and monitoring technology is estimated to hamper the drinking water pipe repair market during the forecast period, as the technology is replacing traditional construction practices. Moreover, a rise in concerns about economic recession and an unforeseen political scenario across the globe are likely to delay or lead to the cancellation of water infrastructure repair activities. Increase in population and expansion in the construction sector in most regions across the globe are estimated to boost the drinking water pipe repair market in the near future. Governing bodies impose fines and take stringent action against violations of norms or illegal water usage. High installation costs of remote assessment and monitoring drinking water pipe repair is likely to restrain its adoption in undeveloped countries with less capital investment for preserving and conserving water.

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Highly Competitive Market with a Few Dominant Players

The global drinking water pipe repair market is a highly competitive, with a few dominant players. Key players operating in the drinking water pipe repair market are 3M Company, Advanced Trenchless, Inc., Aegion Corp, Kurita Water Industries Ltd, Agru Kunstofftechnik GmbH, Amex GmbH, Atlantis Plumbing, Mueller Water Products, KMG Pipe Rehabilitation Emirates, and Brawoliner.