Ariane 5 • NBN-Co -1B & GSAT-18

Indian GSAT-18 and Japanese DSN-1 on Ariane 5 ECA already on July. GSAT-18 it is developed with utilization of I-3000 bus to provide replacement one of the satellites from present GSAT constellation which offering television, telecommunication, Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG) and VSAT services from 74° East orbital slot. It is equipped with 24 C band transponders additional 12 upper C band transponders and 12 Ku band transponders along with 2 Ku beacon transmitters. Payload requires 6 kW of power which is provided by deployable solar arrays and onboard battery. Weighing 3425 kg satellite has chemical Apogee Kick Motor with thrust at 440 N. DSN-1 is first from pair of communication satellites working on X band designed by NEC for Japanese Ministry of Defense. Operator of the satellite will be DSN Corporation established as joint venture between Sky Perfect JSAT Corporation, NEC Corporation and NTT Communication Corporation.

UPDATE 26/06/2016: Due the problems with DSN-1, launch of the GSAT-18 will be combined with NBN-Co -1B satellite operated by NBN Co Limited.