Ariane 5 ECA• Eutelsat-65 West A

Next Eutelsat satellite mission, made by Space Systems Loral (SSL), under contract from 2013. Satellite is based on SSL-1300 bus and will provide broadcast and broadband services in South America for Eutelsat customers. It will be operating for about 15 years from location of 65° west longitude. Satellite weighing about 6600 kg will be equipped with 10 C band and 24 Ku band transponders; for broadband connectivity it will utilize up to 24 Ka band spot beams. Necessary 16 kW of power will be provided by onboard batteries and two deployable solar arrays. Launch service provider, Arianespace, is going to utilize Ariane 5 ECA rocket during this mission. In this version, Ariane 5 is able to lift up to 9600 kg comparing to 6000 kg of payload capacity in previous versions. It is possible because of utilizing larger tanks in boosters (2430 kg of fuel more than previous version), utilizing Vulcain-2 engine in first stage (due the modification of LOX system, amount of fuel increased for about 15200 kg) and adopting second stage from Ariane 4.