Ariane 5 • Intelsat-29e

Another Intelsat communication satellite based on Boeing 702 platform will be launched on 27th January 2016 (launch window: 23:20 - 00:40 GMT). With multiple Ku and C band transponders will support Intelsat Epic system. Satellite is utilizing one of most extended version of 702 platforms called MP.  It weighs around 6100 kg, is powered by two deployable solar panels with four gallium arsenide arrays on each wing. They are able to provide up to 12 kW of power. Intelsat 29e average operational life is not less than 15 years. Satellite will be put into 310°E orbit and will provide up to 30 gbit/sec bandwidth for both fixed and mobile customers over North Atlantic, North and South America. As a launch service provider, Arianespace was chosen. Their reliable and dependable Ariane 5 will be launch vehicle. Probably Ariane 5 ECA will be utilized in this mission. It is most recent version, upgraded to lift up to 9700 kg to GTO orbit. Comparing to basic version it has larger boosters, Vulcain 2 engine in first stage is equipped with longer nozzle (1390kN of thrust) and second stage adopted from Ariane 4 (with modified hydrogen tank).