Ariane 5 • Intelsat-33E & Intelsat-36

Press Release

Double payload from Intelsat during Arianespace VA232 mission. Arianespace possessed contract for delivering to orbit pair of broadcasting satellites from Intelsat. European Company will utilize during this mission Ariane 5 ECA launch vehicle. Intelsat-33e is manufactured by Boeing on BSS-702MP bus C and Ku band broadcasting satellite with weight around 6000 kg and operational life at 15 years. It will be placed on 60° East orbital slot. Intelsat-36 was contracted to Space Systems/Loral and manufactured on SSL-1300 bus. Satellite weighs 3400 kg and is also designed for 15 years mission. It has R-4D-11 engine as main propulsion, two deployable solar arrays and will be placed on 68.5° East orbital slot to extend Intelsat range of video services in South Asia with C and Ku band transponders. Both satellites will be delivered to GEO orbit by Ariane-5 ECA with cryogenic upper stage with 67 kN HM7B engine fueled with LH2/LOX. Rocket which weighs 780 t with length of 50.5 m and diameter at 5.4 m is able to deliver to GTO 10 t of payload,