Ariane 5 • Intelsat-33E & Intelsat-36

Double payload from Intelsat during Arianespace VA232 mission. Arianespace possessed contract for delivering to orbit pair of broadcasting satellites from Intelsat. European Company will utilize during this mission Ariane 5 ECA launch vehicle. Intelsat-33e is manufactured by Boeing on BSS-702MP bus C and Ku band broadcasting satellite with weight around 6000 kg and operational life at 15 years. It will be placed on 60° East orbital slot. Intelsat-36 was contracted to Space Systems/Loral and manufactured on SSL-1300 bus. Satellite weighs 3400 kg and is also designed for 15 years mission. It has R-4D-11 engine as main propulsion, two deployable solar arrays and will be placed on 68.5° East orbital slot to extend Intelsat range of video services in South Asia with C and Ku band transponders. Both satellites will be delivered to GEO orbit by Ariane-5 ECA with cryogenic upper stage with 67 kN HM7B engine fueled with LH2/LOX. Rocket which weighs 780 t with length of 50.5 m and diameter at 5.4 m is able to deliver to GTO 10 t of payload,