Ariane 5 • JCSAT-15 & Star One-D1

Two SSL communication satellites during Ariane 5 VA-234 mission. JCSA-15 is next TV broadcasting satellite for SKY Perfect JSAT Corp. operating over Japan, Star One-D1 is communication satellite launched for Brazilian Embratel Star One Company. JCSAT-15 was designed to last for 15 years on 110° East orbital slot; it was made by SSL using SSL-1300 bus; it weighs 3400 kg and is equipped with Ku band transponders powered by two deployable solar arrays and onboard batteries. Sky One- is also based on SSL-1300 bus. It was equipped with over 50 Ku, Ka and C band transponders to provide mobile services over South America. It will operate from GEO 84° West longitude orbital slot during its lasting 15 years operational life. Satellite weighs 6340 kg and is powered by deployable solar arrays and onboard batteries.