Ariane 5 ECA • EchoStar-18 & BRIsat

Next two satellites by Space System Loral built for Echostar and Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI). First one is Direct Broadcast Service (DBS) satellite providing signal for direct home reception. It will replace Echostar-10 and remain on position 110° W for next 15 years of its operational life. BRIsat is also based on SSL1300 and will be utilized for banking purposes. With 9 Ku and 36 C band transponders will cover Indonesia, ASEAN, North East of Asia, part of Pacific area and West Australia and serve to 11000 branches of Bank Rachyat as communication satellite. Positioned on 150.5° East satellite will operate by 15 years. Satellites will be launched on atop of Ariane 5 ECA rocket. It is modified Ariane 5 with enlarged EAP solid boosters, modified Vulcan 2 engine in first stage with new nozzles and HM-7B engine in second stage. Changes resulted in better payload capacity which is 9100 kg for GTO missions with dual payload (like EchoStar-18 & BRIsat) - over 3000 kg more than other versions of Ariane 5. Mission postponed due the problems with cryogenic upper stage.

UDATE 17/06/2016: Launch postponed for 24 hours due the strong winds on high altitudes.