Soyuz 2.1B • Hispasat 36W-1

This time from launch site ELS, on atop of Soyuz 2.1B, new Spanish satellite will start its mission. Hispasat 36W-1 (AG1) belongs to Spanish satellite operator and communication company Hispasat, providing satellite services on Spain and Portugal since 1989. 36W-1 is their new generation communication satellite and result of agreement signed between ESA and Hispasat to develop fleet of small communication satellites under SGEO program. 36W-1will be Hispasat's contribution to SGEO and important part of their satellite constellation.

36W-1 is based on LUXOR bus like all SGEO satellites planned for further years. It weighs 3200 kg and will operate for 15 years. Satellite is powered by two deployable solar arrays and onboard battery. Onboard communication equipment are 24 Ku band transponders, 3 Ka band transponders and REDSAT (which includes Direct Radiating Array (DRA) antenna to provide up to 4 flexible Ku band uplink beams and processor for additional 4 regenerative 36 MHz channels). Propulsion are 8 PPS-1350-G plasma thrusters and one S400 liquid fueled rocket engine by Airbus (with MON/MMH as propellant).