Atlas V • EchoStar-19

Press Release

It is time for big player. Echostar Corporation ordered in 2013 next satellite, 19th from Echostar series - chosen contractor was Space Systems Loral and from the beginning demand of the Echostar was to possess satellite which could offer largest possible broadband capacity. SSL achieved it designing Echostar-19 with utilization of SSL1300 bus in its extended version. Satellite will weight at 6300 kg and will be equipped with bent-pipe multi-spot beam Ka-band payload. It will serve as one of the main broadcasting satellite for subsidiary of Echostar, Hughes Network Systems, and cover with its range North America. Hughes Network Systems was forced to meet demands of growing market of high speed satellite internet in USA - Echostar will offer 50% more capacity then previous satellite designed for internet services, Echostar-17, also based on SSL1300. Satellite will be launched on atop of Atlas V rocket. ULA, launch services provider, is going to utilize Atlas V in 431 version. 4 meter long payload fairing is necessary in case large satellite like Echostar-19, as well as three rocket boosters and Centaur upper stage. Centaur dates back to early sixties and is still utilized - it is worth to mention that Centaur will be first upper stage utilized with new Vulcan rocket; it seems that Centaur will easily reach 60 years of service.