Epsilon • ERG

JAXA planned for fiscal year 2016 launch of their new research satellite. It is called ERG; its mission objective is to help in research on space storms and solar winds. Satellite is basing on Sprint-B satellite bus with weight at 350 kg and is equipped with scientific payload like extremely high-energy electron sensor (XEP) and High-energy particle sensor - electron (HEP). It will be placed on orbit with perigee: 300 km, apogee: 30000 km with inclination at 31°. JAXA for this mission chose their solid fueled rocket - Epsilon. It is basing on three stages with capability of lifting up to 1200 kg to LEO. Rocket is successor of Mu rocket and ERG will be its second mission, since first successful launch of Sprint-A satellite on September 14, 2013.