New Indian weather satellite on atop of GSLV rocket!  INSAT-3DR is direct successor of INSAT-3D which failed shortly after being launched on atop of Ariane 5 ECA in 2013. In spite of fact that INSAT-3D was recovered and resumed its mission, ISRO already decided about creating two next INSAT satellites: INSAT-3DR and INSAT-3DS.

INSAT-3DR is based on Insat-2/3 bus developed by ISRO; its payload is 19 channel sounder, SAR and DRT devices and 6 channel imaging device. It is equipped with liquid Apogee Kick Motor with thrust at 440 N, two solar arrays combined with onboard battery. Weighing 2061 kg satellite will be placed on GEO orbit by GSLV launch vehicle.

GSLV (GeoSynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle) is second Indian launch vehicle after PSLV. It is designed as three stages, solid and liquid fueled rocket. Its length is 49 m; diameter is at 2.8 m and mass is at 414750 kg. Rocket is able to deliver to GTO 2500 kg. It is equipped in four solid rocket boosters (each with L40H Vikas 2 liquid fueled engine with thrust at 760 kN). First stage is powered by single S139 HTPB fueled engine (thrust at 4700 kN), second stage with single liquid fueled GS2 Vikas 4 with thrust at 800 kN . Third stage is powered with single 1 CE-7.5 liquid fueled engine with thrust at 75 kN.