IGS Optical 5

IGS IGS (Information Gathering Satellite) - Japanese satellite in the spy satellite program. Beginning was after North Korean missile test over Japan in 1998. It's mission is to warn of impending hostile launches in the nearest surrounding. Cabinet controls this program. Earth observation is new experience for Japan. Their first mission MOS-1 was launched in 1987.

The first spy satellite was known as IGS-1A and IGS-1B. They were following one another during 37-minute separation in a 492 km orbit.

IGS Optical 5 is the third generation optical reconnaissance satellite designed by Japanese. It's operator is Cabinet Satellite Information Center and monitors Japan's national defense and civil natural disaster.

Satellite was launched on 26 March at 1:00, setting sail from the first pad of the Tangashima Space Centre's Yoshinbou Launch Complex.