Long March 2D • Gaofen-10

Another launch from Jiuquan Satellite Center. This time on atop of Long March 2d we will see imaging satellite from Gaofen series. Gaofen-10 or Yaogan-30 (both are mentioned by Chinese authorities) will be imaging satellite based on CAST-2000 bus and designed by Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology (SAST). Satellite is equipped in panchromatic camera with resolution of 2 m and multispectral camera with resolution of 8 m. In addition, SAST equipped Gaofen-10 in wide angle multispectral camera which is operating with resolution of 16 m. Satellite is powered by two deployable solar arrays and onboard battery.

Long March 2D is 41 m height two stage version of Long March 4. It is liquid fueled with N2O4/UDMH; first stage is powered by four YF-21C (thrust at 2961.6 kN) and second stage is powered by one YF-24C which combines central YF-22C (742.04 kN of thrust) with four stabilizing YF-23C (47.1 kN of thrust). Rocket is able to lift for LEO 3500 kg of payload.

Update: Technical specification of the spacecraft could be changed - Gaofen-10 full technical data were not yet unveiled.