Long March 2F/G • Shenzhou-11

It will be first docking of manned Shenzhou-11 spacecraft to new Tiangong-2 space station. Tiangong-2 is extended version of Tiangong-1 with mass at 20000 kg, length at 14.4 m and diameter at 4.2 m. Three crew members will perform various tests and could stay on Tiangong-2 up to twenty days with new life support system. Shenzhou spacecraft - strongly inspired by Russian Soyuz - will be launched on atop of Long March 2F rocket. It is two stage rocket supported with four boosters. Its length is 62 m with diameter at 3.35 m and mass at 464000 kg. Rocket core stages and boosters are liquid fueled with N2O4/UDMH. Each booster is equipped with YF-20B engine with thrust at 814 kN. First stage is powered by four YF-20B engines, second stage is utilizing one YF-24B with thrust at 831 kN. Payload for LEO missions is 8400 kg. Due the delay with Tiangong-2 mission, Shenzhou-11 is postponed to 4th quarter 2016.