Long March 3B • Chinasat-2C

Chinasat-2C is communication satellite, which according some sources will be launched on 3rd November 2015. Chinasat satellites are operated by China Direct Broadcast Satellite Company. Moreover some of Chinasat (6B version) are utilized for short wave jamming on China territory. Long March 3B rocket is designed as three stage construction with four liquid fueled boosters. First stage is powered by four YF-21C engines (with thrust at 2961.6 kN), second stage is equipped with one central YF-24E (thrust at 742 kN) and four stabilizing YF-23C engines (47.1 kN). Third stage propulsion is one YF-75 engine with thrust at 67.17 kN. Height of the Long March 3B is 56.838 m, diameter is 3.35. It offers payload capacity for GTO missions at 5100 kg.