Long March 3B • Feng Yun-4A

Ninth geostationary meteorological satellite from Feng Yun series, operated by Chinese National Satellite Meteorological Centre. Spacecraft, which represents fourth generation of Feng Yun (what stands for “storm" in English) satellites, was developed and manufactured by Shanghai Institute of Satellite Engineering with utilization of SAST-5000 bus. Satellite weighs 5300 kg and is powered with single deployable solar array. It is 3 axis stabilized (what is big improvement comparing to previous versions of Feng Yun, which were spin stabilized). It is equipped with Geostationary Interferometric Infrared Sounder, Lightning Mapping Imager, Advanced Geostationary Radiation Imager, Space Environment Monitoring Instrument Package and Data Collection Service device. Satellite will be delivered to GTO orbit by Long March 3B and will reach 86.5°E orbital slot using Apogee Kick Motor. It will remain on GEO orbit for at least 5 years.