Long March 3C • Beidou BD-2-G7

Press Release

Next launch of Chinese Beidou second generation navigation system satellite. Launch is planned as third launch under Beidou program in 2016; from Xichang Satellite Center Long March 3C will deliver to orbit BD-2-G7 satellite based on DFH-3 bus. It will be equipped with phased array antenna for emitting navigation signal, laser retroreflector and additional antennas for S/L/C band transmitters.

Long March 3C was designed by China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology and performed its maiden flight in 2010. It is long for 54.8 m with diameter at 3.35 m and mass of 345000 kg. It is able to deliver to GTO orbit up to 3800 kg and in extended version 100 kg more (C/E version has longer boosters and extended first stage). Since 2010 it performed 13 flights with success ratio at 100%.  It is equipped with two liquid fueled (N2O4/UDMH) boosters powered with single YF-25 engine. Thrust of each booster is 740.4 kN. First stage is powered by 4 YF-21C liquid fueled with N2O4/UDMH engines with thrust at 2961.6 kN. Second stage is powered by combination of central YF-24E (742 kN) and four vernier YF-23C (47.1 kN) engines also fueled with N2O4/UDMH. Last stage is fueled with LH2/LOX and powered with single YF-75 engine offering thrust at 167.17 kN.