Long March 3C • Beidou

It is first in this year mission under Beidou navigation system program. Beidou is independent navigation system comparable with GPS and Glonass developed with high priority by Chinese government. Planned in first phase as system operating locally  in Asia, will be eventually global system offered on commercial market. Since now, main customers are Chinese and Pakistani armed forces but potential interesting was also express by Saudi Arabia which will implement Beidou equally with GPS. Satellite scheduled for 1st February 2016 is manufactured and designed by CAS Micro-Satellite Engineering Center in Shanghai. It will be satellite from third generation of navigation satellites based on dedicated bus. Satellite is called BD-3 M is at 1,014 kg with 280 kg of payload (RNSS) and power consumption at 1500 W and will remain operational for around 12 years. Designated orbit is: 21524 km x 22194 km with inclination at 54.98°. Launch vehicle will be Long March 3C rocket - liquid fueled, designed with three stages and two boosters. Rocket height is 54 m diameter is 3.35 m and mass is 345000 kg.  You can read more about Beidou here.