Long March 5 • Test flight

New heavy rocket designed by China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT) will perform its maiden flight from new Wenchang Satellite Launch Center in Hainan Province. It will be able to deliver to LEO 25 t of payload which makes this rocket perfect solution for ambitious plans of CNSA for establishing large space station in 2020s. Rocket is equipped in four boosters each with two YF-100 engines with summary thrust at 2400 kN. First stage is powered with two YF-77 engines (1020 kN of thrust). Second stage will utilize two YF-75 engines with thrust at 176 kN. Rocket will be long for 62 m with diameter of 5 m and mass at 867 t. Rocket is fueled with LH/LOX propellant; boosters are fueled with RP-1/LOX.